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Terms And Condition

1.) I hereby submit my membership application form and pay my corresponding membership to become a member of (HOW) Home of Organic Wellness, a network marketing program of Great 4 International Marketing Corporation, herein after referred to THE COMPANY I am now applying to become a participating member of the system in order to start availing the above mentioned benefits and incentives. I understand that my registration fee is not refundable.

2.) That I have undergone the HOW business seminar and understand my responsibility as member/independent distributor.

3.) As a member of the company, I have a privilege to participate in the sales and distribution of the company’s product and receive commission and incentives in accordance with the company compensation plan.

4.) As an Independent Distributor of (HOW) Home of Organic Wellness, I am therefore an independent contractor, not an agent nor an employee, neither the franchise of the company. I am fully aware that no employee-employer relationship exists between me and the company. I understand that as an Independent Distributor of Home of Organic Wellness it is my responsibility to pay taxes as required by the existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

5.) That my sponsor is permanent and cannot be changed for whatever reason once this application has been accepted and approved.

6.) That as member of Home of Organic Wellness, I must be eighteen (18) years old and above upon my registration date.

7.) That I adhere to the Code of Ethics promulgated by the company on its HOW members.

8.) That the company reserves the right to suspend and even terminate my account as an Independent Distributor due to negligence, false claims, misinterpretations, and misrepresentations, direct or indirect violations of the Code of Ethics and the existing policies and guidelines of the company.

9.) That the HOW, reserves the right to revoke, modify, or alter any or all terms and condition of this agreement, pricing and/or its products at any time during its effectivity for any reason the company may find just, reasonable and fair for the advantage of its distributor and for the purpose of protecting the welfare of the company as a whole.

10.) That in case I am selling HOW Products at any online selling platform, I have to follow the stipulated suggested retail price (SRP) set by the company for its products. I also have to ask permission from the HOW Management to do so.

11.) As an Independent Distributor, I am waving the Home of Organic Wellness, a program of Great 4 International Marketing Corporation, any responsibility given to me from my former company, or even to the companies I am also currently working as an Independent Distributor. I am aware that I joined HOW with full knowledge and consent, and that I am in no way forced to join HOW for the advantage of others.

12.) I agree that I shall receive product reward points as a loyalty reward from the company through my purchases of HOW products at SRP price and that the reward points I earned can be used to purchase again HOW products or can be convert3ed to cash as my incentives based on the product movement of the company.

13.) I am not guaranteed of any commission / bonuses, nor I am assured of any profit or success. I am free to set my own hours and determine my own area of territory of sales and method of selling, within the parameter of this agreement. I also agree that I am responsible of my own expenses in relation to this membership.

14.) Based on the Compensation Plan of HOW, as an Independent Distributor, I must monitor my account and I am aware and will take responsibility of possible losses due to my negligence and of natural movement in accordance with the system of our compensation plan.

15.) That I authorized the company to deduct and offset from any of my commissions, bonuses, or any other incentives payable to me, for any past due amount, cash advances, and unpaid purchases of products and services or any other money I owe from the company.

16.) Further, I am aware that any actions I made that is enimical to the interest of the company and of the members as a whole is a grave violation that may result to suspension and/ or termination of my account in the company.

I HEREBY CERTIFY that I voluntarily joined Home of Organic Wellness (HOW), a program of Great 4 International Marketing Corporation as Independent Distributor of its products and services. I read, understood, and agreed the above-mentioned terms and conditions set by the company for its Independent Distributors.