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Membership Guide

Guide to become HOW member.

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    Step 1

    Ask for the direct sponsor store replicated link.

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    Step 2

    Click the replicated link, register as costumer.

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    Step 3

    Once registered, log in as costumer.

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    Step 4

    Purchase your desired HOW products (at least one HOW product)

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    Step 5

    Go to cart and checkout your purchased HOW product.

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    Step 6

    Pay for the purchased HOW products through HOW MOP or over the counter, secure a receipt to get a free registration code from HOW staff.

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    Step 7

    Once the code is received, the upline will encode/register the new independent distributor as bronze member.

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    Step 8

    Upgrade from bronze to higher level in stair steps program through fast track or accumulated purchases to enjoy all earnings.